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At our drug rehab center, we provide a variety of different treatment strategies for our clients. No matter what individual needs you may have, our substance abuse treatment center will provide you with treatment strategies that will target the areas where you need the most care. In order to ensure that we can provide every client with the impeccable addiction recovery care they need, we have a variety of evidence-based treatment strategies at our fingertips. Depending on your needs, we’ll provide you with the treatment you need to reach recovery. No matter what individual needs you may have in order to defeat your addiction, our drug addiction treatment center can help.


or applicable clients, we provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment. With dual diagnosis, we can treat both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder concurrently. If a client has a co-occurring mental health disorder, they may be a risk of relapse. This is because a client who receives treatment for addiction but not for their co-occurring disorder may return to substance abuse as a means of self-medicating the co-occurring disorder. Making matters worse, a client who is struggling with a co-occurring disorder may not even be aware that they are dealing with the disorder.

Our Mission
These run the gamut from the type of treatments that you’ve probably heard about before, like group therapy, one of the cornerstones of our addiction recovery program.
Our Vision
In addition to dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we also provide a variety of different therapeutic strategies.
Our Values
With group therapy, you'll have the opportunity to meet with your peers in the drug detox clinic and share your wisdom and experiences.
Our Services
Supervised Detox
When you have gotten started, you will more comfortable to share in group therapy. Next, you will go to group therapy and work with your peers. While you are taking part in these sessions, you will gain support and experience compassion.
Group Therapy
According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly half of those individuals who are struggling with addiction are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder.
Hollistic Approach
When a client is dealing with both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder, they need dual diagnosis mental health treatment in order to get the best possible shot at recovery.
Aftercare Services
With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we can ensure that both the co-occurring disorder and the addiction are being treated at the same time
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